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You can now delete your photos

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You know those photos you've added to listings on If you decide one's got to go -- it's an ad for a long-past featured performer, or your drummer didn't approve that particular likeness for public display -- you can just head to your profile page, scan the "Your Photos" list down the left side, and click the little [X] next to that particular photo.

You can't "undelete", so be careful. Of course, you can always just upload the picture again.

Editing Listings

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To edit an open mike listing you've submitted, you first need to register and login.

The login screen

You may not have registered when you submitted the open mike — that's fine, you didn't need to. If you haven't done so before, register now — then contact us to let us know you're the owner of this listing. We'll make sure you can edit it.

Once you're logged in, look at the bottom of your profile page. You'll see a list of any nights you've submitted to

list of submitted nights

In this case, we'll click Edit next to "Fred's House of Squid".

We see some editable information, and a preview of the listing as it is now.

editing a listing

We're changing the host from Fred to Ethel, and noting that she has a web site. We click Preview to see our changes:

previewing changes

Satisfied, we click Save. Reassuringly, we see this:

your listing has been saved

If we now visit the actual listing, we can see our changes have gone live:

listing with changes in place

Editing Open Mikes

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Easily the most-requested feature on -- "how can I edit my listings?" Short answer until now: you can't. Leave a comment, and I edit them.

New longer answer -- if it's really yours, and you're logged in, you can edit parts of the listing. See the help page on editing for details.

You can't delete comments, yet -- you'll eventually be able to delete your own, but you'll never be allowed to delete others'. And you can't yet change, say, a weekly open mike to monthly, etc. -- that's still on the drop-me-a-line list.

Feedback is welcome, as ever.

Did you miss us?

If you've had trouble accessing in the last day or so, sorry about that. Depending on which router you came through at our service provider, you might or might not have been able to reach the site. Other sites on the same server? No problem. Anyway, I felt your pain -- my home network connection definitely came through the "bad" side.

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