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User profile: Terrance Cross


My name is Terrance Cross (born Terri Callahan).

I've lived in Toronto for just about my entire life minus 3 years out in Hamilton, ON (What Happens In Hamilton, Stays in Hamilton).

I am a musician. Untrained guitarist (not that it really makes a difference :s). I ve been writing songs since I was 15..I'm now 21 years old turning 22 this July. -I love music. All kinds of music. I like people. All kinds of people :).

The website I provided is ..well...a little rough to say the least. The demo was recorded in my early..days..:s. But its a rough idea as to "what I do" or what I lol. Either way, Ive grown a lot both musically and well....literally.

SO. I hope you enjoy what you hear and you can catch me @ (probably a better sample of my voice).

Thanks for the support (whoever you might be :) )

NOW COME TO ONE OF MY SHOWS :D (just kidding, but come if you like).

<3 Terrance Cross