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User profile: Soulever


Started in 2005 Soulever began as a basement band including only myself Josh (Drums) and Jeff (Guitar). We met through my wife whom is cousin's with Jeff. We found that our styles and tastes of music were extremely similar and suited one another great. A mix of classic riff rock and straight blues as well as tinges of hard rock as well. Soon we began to tighten this sound and later were joined by Keith (Guitar) who also happened to be my wife's cousin. Many drunken nights followed and have brought us to where we are today - ready to rock out! We have finally found someone to play bass...Keith (we convinced him) He is now enjoying his new role but will revert back to guitar as needed. All the music made by Soulever is spontaneous. We generally do not cover songs at this point but enjoy creating our own brand of unique music. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for listening!