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User profile: sharyn bovat


Sharyn Bovat aka The Stealth Skirt aka The Red State Refugee

"I was planning on launching my comedy act in Delaware to get some press for my upcoming court day because Christine O'Donnell was 'hot' in the media. NOW the press is flocking to Nevada since O'Donnell's poll numbers have shown her going down faster than a merchant in Amsterdam that just turned on her red light" a new day and venue to be announced soon

FYI-I've got a GREAT rant about Tennessee taxpayers funding a Parisian Sperm Donor. :) :) Sharyn

In Tennessee Sharyn Bovat was told "Skirts Dont' Speak" and she spoke. Those in a Good Ole Boy Network tossed her in jail, twice. They called her a "Blue State Liberal". Now Sharyn Bovat is "Fighting for Freedom" & debuts The Red State Refugee Road Trip. For more information check out: