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User profile: Scotti Sevven


Brite Phoenix was created in 2001, by Scotti Sevven, as a creative outlet. Through the years and many changes, Brite Phoenix has finally found its sound. With divine inspired lyrics and a blended sound of alternative rock and melodic melodies make an ear pleasing sound.

Scotti Sevven has been playing guitar for 17 years and singing for 13. Through hard times and tough trials, Scotti has turned to writing what he believes in. Scotti receives his lyrics from divine inspiration. Songs of moon goddess Athena, Arianrhod, and others. Gods such as Ogma, and Apollo.

He also receives inspiration from Celtic, Norse, and Greek gods and goddess such as Morrigan, Cerridwen, Queen Madb, Freyja, Thorr, Odin, Hekate, Pan and Zeus. Scotti delivers some new and exciting songs.

In the near future he plans on putting it all together for a new CD and a world tour. So if your looking for a fresh new sound with beautifully inspired lyrics and music, take a listen to Brite Phoenix.