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US and Canadian Open Mikes - by musicians, for musicians

User profile: Rik Yerzik


Singer/Songwriter - Formerly from Los Angeles now Denver, Colorado.., My style is more of a cross between so many artists influence my work, from lyrics to music.. my acoustic guitars.. but for those that make me think are Sting, Dave Mathews, Eric Clapton, Bob Dillon, Ian Anderson, Gordon Lightfoot, so many independent acoustic artists and Jimmy Buffet, you can throw in a R&B, Jazz, Blues..Classical..all of it. I enjoy being in front of people playing, yet I enjoy the solitude of creating.. I can entertain or just act goofy and like the kid I am at heart. I love the mountains in Park City Utah and the beaches of southern California formerly in Hermosa Beach, California... I can ski or scuba or a bunch of other things..I like to stay active.

I am looking to network in music (production/ promotion/ learning)... or those to sing and entertain with. I'm currently in studio recording a CD.... hopefully it will be on my site soon.

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