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US and Canadian Open Mikes - by musicians, for musicians

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REAL TALK RADIO IS HERE!!! Forget AM, FM, XM, and any other "M" you wanna name! Internet radio is the future and the future is NOW!!! REAL TALK RADIO is your online source for what's hot and what's REAL. Our mission is to offer quality programming that will cover topics and genres ranging from music, sports, and sex to politics, inspiration, and International news. Although Internet radio is largely uncensored, REAL TALK RADIO will offer a variety of programming that is suitable for all ages. We intend to transcend demographic and culture by offering a lineup of shows that are entertaining, informational, groundbreaking, and culturally diverse. Our lineup will include both music-based and talk-based segments, featuring one or more DJs and/or Hosts. REAL TALK RADIO will consistently strive to create unique and original new programming designed to appeal to our ever-growing worldwide audience. Simply put, REAL TALK RADIO is everything you wanna listen to!