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User profile: Paul Spaan


I am a Songwriter in the Bay Area. Like many of us, I have spent most my time working in Silicon Valley and not enough playing out in the Bay Area. But have continued to improve my chops. Trying to balance it now by spending more time playing out.

I play acoustic & electric guitar primarily. Played out in the 70's, some in 80's & 90's. I also sing some, played bass, drums, piano, percussion, harmonica & kazoo. Learning mandolin and ukulele.

I enjoy all forms of music as long as it is done well. That includes Blues, Jazz, Country, Rock & Roll, Pop , Classical and more. Most of my originals cover span the above.

Biggest influences include Beatles, Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Buffalo Springfield, Allman Bros, BB King, Mayall, Butterfield, Clapton, Hendrix, Beck, Dylan, Stevie, Chick Corea, Jaco Pastorius, Robben Ford, Grover Washington Jr, Grisman, Waybacks, Travis, Atkins, Reinhardt, Grapelli, Bireli, Ella, Whitney, Billy Holiday, Jimmy Bryant, Jimmy Luttrell, and many more....

I just like good music!!