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User profile: Nikolas Dimoulas



The Nikolas Dimoulas Trio can bring in crowds of five hundred people. It has been said that Nik is going to be the next Howie Day. Nik has worked in a studio before called Mainstreet Studios with a man named Nigel Hall "who has worked a lot with Soulive". Nik loves the blues and wants to work as hard as he can with his music career so he can contribute to every day life.

Influenced at a young age to Jeff Buckley, he "himself" tries to write like Jeff. Writing with all the love he has to give. Reference on Nik's part is Andrew Clifford at Mainstreet Studios, "a great drummer in maine" 207-992-6169, and Nigel Hall. Nik has been playing at all the open mike nights in Maine since the age of 15. Now he is ready to move forward with his life by touring non stop and opening for larger bands.

Nik went to Columbia College Chicago for a short time before he lived in a small bed room "walk in closet" for five months in Chicago. Where he wrote his first album, and started to bring in people to his shows. Walking four miles a day to the subways to play his music. Then Nik came back to Maine to record his first album "apology". Also Nik has lived on the streets of Nashville for sometime trying to make it in the music world. Busked for little food, played at an open mike at an Scientology Center "that went well with some music people", before he came back home to Maine again to work a day job and trying to get himself into school.

Now Nik is balancing school, music, and a show every night. Nik is moving up in the music world, wanting to tour every state he can at the age of 21. To get an idea of Nik's music is at .... Nik's cell is 207-659-9311 thank you. His email is ...... Nik and his new trio band, is the band to be looking forward to see in the very soon future. Thank you again.