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User profile: Nicholas Wells


Singer/songwriter Nicholas Wells found his passion at a young age. As a product of writing music for over ten years, today, nineteen year-old Nicholas holds a collection of many original songs about his life, love, growing up, friendships, and many other personal themes. He can be found performing on the piano, or acoustic guitar, singing meaningful lyrics over the melodies of his songs.

For as long as he can remember Nicholas has enjoyed playing music. Beginning with a cassette recorder and working his way up through more elaborate recording equipment, the songwriter has tried on his own from very young to self-produce his music in pursuit of a musical career.

In 2005, Nicholas released a CD entitled This Life, which included fourteen of his original songs, all recorded, produced, promoted, and performed by Nicholas himself. At that point, the singer was in his Junior year of Highschool. He performed several local solo concerts around his town, while also working on his songwriting and producing.

Now, in 2008, Nicholas Wells is a polished musical artist, preparing to tour. His latest work, his