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User profile: michele marino


I've been singing in bands since I was 16. Classic Rock, then I was in a wedding band for 5 years and did everything from the 40's to the 90's. When I moved to California, I got in an awesome R&B band called "Mercy and the Merkettes" which features the vocals of three talented chicks fronting a band of awesome musicians. In fact, I should be singing with them this coming Friday at the "Finish Line" in Pomona, Ca. Downbeat is at 8 p.m. I also played with an 11 piece rhythm and blues band called "Blowin Smoke." Another band with 3 female vocalists, but we were the "Smokettes" as opposed to the "Merkettes." I've been living quite far away for the past few years and hence the gigging has been sparce but for a few substitute gigs, but the plan is to move back into the swing of things hopefully in July, and then I'll be workin it again. HOpe to see you there. YOu can check out Mercy's website at