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US and Canadian Open Mikes - by musicians, for musicians

User profile: Michael von Rinteln


I'm a drummer who enjoys going to open mics to further hone my skills. Many open mics don't have a need for drums, but many do, so if anyone out there has heard of an open mic in the Maryland/Northern VA area that would work for drums, please keep me in mind. I have found a few open mics that I prefer to attend: JV's Restaurant in Falls Church, VA on Wednesday nights (especially when Bob and Martha are hosting); Chick Hall's Surf Club in Bladensburg, MD (Monday and Wednesday evenings); and Michael's Pub in Columbia, MD (Tuesday nights). I have developed my skills by leaps and bounds playing with all types of musicians playing all types of music (Rock n' Roll and Blues being my favorites) and I think I add a great groove and pocket for any musicians to be able to jam with. I also happen to know a ton of songs (especially Rock-more so the classics 60's, 70's, etc. ...the good stuff). I have been told my many musicians that I've played with that I'm very much of a pocket drummer and that I have a good sense of music and very good meter. Anyway, that's about enough about me, basically, I just love to play and I'm always looking for new places and new people to play with.