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US and Canadian Open Mikes - by musicians, for musicians

User profile: michael driscoll


I am a screenwriter from Hollywood now in Nashville to write some Counry Music. I have been playing guitar and piano for over 35 years and done nothing with my music. I was born in Witchita Falls, Texas so I guess in a way I'm returning to my roots in the South. Since arriving in Nashville I have written 7 new Counry songs and lok forward to sharing then with the Nashville public to see what they think. I love Gary Allen's "Songs about Rain", so many awesome Country artists. I'm wasting no time I will record my newest song and will direct the video myself. There are many great videos out there now but too many are falling short of their potential film wise. The visual image should support the song and it's contents not de-tract from it. 'Lady Antebellum's" newest video looks like it was shot in 35 mm, it looks like a movie, awesome1 And Tim McGraws "Still" is awesome with it's special effects background and the way he stands perfectly STILL though the whole song, awesome! I also plan to direct my screenplay Mister First Lady, sonce most of the locatons are here in the South. So yay for open mikes! And the BENEVELONT DICTATOR( thats what a director is!)