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User profile: Martin Earley

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Hello. I learned to play guitar the wrong way from the late Johnny Napp, a wonderful local Jazz player. Since lead guitar tablature was unheard of back then, John would teach me the vocal melodies. This eventually opened many areas to explore for me since there are no limits to what the human voice is capable of. I can never thank "The Night Owl" enough. . First performance was in 5th grade playing a sea shanty, Come to the Sea, one excrutiating note at a time. My second performance was the same day. I played Air guitar, (a red Kent electric), to back up a friend, (voice-over King, Joe Cipriano), lip-syncing "Do the Mouse" by Soupy Sales. My first band was called Odyssey. A hard rockin 3 piece that manged to get away with playing Black Sabbath and Grand Funk at weddings and childrens parties. I worked in Asbury park playing in a band and working in a Hotel. listened to Springsteen playing covers at the Stone Pony.

Came home played in many bands. here are some names: Impact. Mantis. DJB. Fat Daddy Band, Friends of Enemies:FOE. Sgt. Rock. Amberbrat. After this last band came the Sex Pistols. at that point I decided to never play in a cover band again. To me, it was a waste of time that I should be investing in my craft. Next band was Editors. Space Heater Cops, Bad Beauty Kings. Exit Terra. DaDa Vita. THe CrroP Cirkills. Boplicity. Outfunked. The Hadron Big Bangers. Martin Ear. Everything from Exit Terra on is still active in some form or another.

To finish here, I'd like to thank Karen, my wife of 40 years +, for her years of support and belief in what I do. My Love is hers forever