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User profile: Marc Meyers


Born in the early 1950's,Plainfield,NJ,I Grew up affected by the music of Hank Williams, Woody Guthrie,Rhythm & Blues & Spirituals. In my teens Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Doo Wop, early Rock & Roll. Began writing in earnest at the age of 9. Poetry paints pictures in an impressionistic way that I relate best. I Began teaching myself Guitar. I began Writing my own songs at 19. I believe them to be important in some way.

Favorite artists are Louis Armstrong, Bessie Smith, Robert Johnson, Hank Williams,Muddy Waters,Sam Cooke, Woody Guthrie,T-Bone Walker, Buddy Holly,Chuck Berry, Bob Dylan, Ray Charles,John Lennon,Leon Russell, Van Morrison, Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen.

My work is more like poetry in motion,in the folk tradition and perhaps "Folk Rock" My form is raw. I'm not into big production numbers.I will on occassion rely on electronic hoodoo, but only if, in some way, I hear it in the song. I always follow the song. But I like raw. Keep It real.