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User profile: Majestic


Majestic is one of upstate New York's hotties producers. What make him one of Albany's most creative producer, steams from where he began. Where thier was a sound being created by himself and other young unknow produncers, A unique sound that was soon to be Love and know as that Queens sound. Majestic has been making music since the late 70.

I stared in South Side Jamaica, Queens. Making beats at block partys. From thier i started playing in the parks along side dude like DJ Understanding the Original Cipher Sounds.

Which unknown to us then history was all around us such as the like of Grand Master Flash, LL Cool J ,Sweety G.(aka Glenn Toby ) Doug E Fresh, and many others. Now back at it again Majestic is blending those down state Queens hits with his upstate Albany NY, new hit.I have since parter with my brother (Power) togerther we are now producing some of the hotties acts coming out of the upstate area.Starting with N.T.S (Next to Shine ).We just ended a 30 city tour with the group the Clipes, and are now working in the studio with Mr cheeks. So world get ready for NTS to be the Next To Shine on you. Peace.

GOD bless us all!