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US and Canadian Open Mikes - by musicians, for musicians

User profile: Luis Hirschlieb


I am a 27 year old Musician who has been playing guitar all my life (but in a conscious dedicated effort for 14 years).

I am also the founding member of a Artisan Community known as Project: Union-Street, We are based out of Metro-Detroit, Michigan and are We are a group of musicians, artists, techs, publishers, and studio-engineers who have come together to form an artisan-community - In the future we hope to one day have artist-workshops, YouTube-seminars, useful columns, and more but for now we are just getting started.

I organize/book and host Artist-Nights each Tuesday at Token Lounge (in Westland, Michigan) and also at other various locations around metro-detroit.

I can be reached at, feel free to contact me and/or send me your demo. :)