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US and Canadian Open Mikes - by musicians, for musicians

User profile: Krys Mason


I'm just another kid from the northwest United States...Washington. I have been in full rock bands in the past. Guitar and drums for the most part. I have done some computer music, "Still Coffin" . My latest work is singer songwriter style/folk music. I will be Touring the United States with this current project. I'll post videos along the way here:

My Roots:

In the 80's, in my youth I listened to what I was subjected to which was basicly the first generation of MTV music videos. I liked pop music that was on the radio at the time though I can't imagine liking that crap as an adult. The older kids around me listened to metal and stole ciggeretes from thier parents.

1986,'87 and '88

By the time I was 7, my mom and I moved to California and I experienced the west coast rap/breakin scene at it's core. It was all around me. I would ride my bmx around listening to my walkman. I wrote and performed a rap song for the talent show in 6th grade and took first place. Encourging. I was growing up though, and I didn't feel like a rapper. I started listening to records, radio and cassettes even more, as much as possible. Like lot of kids back then I had music shipped from companies like BMG and Columbia etc. stacking huge tape and cd collections. Making mix tapes was my hobby. The tapes included skits, commercials, noises, clips from movies and music. most has been lost forever.

500 1/2 N Tower st.Centralia WA,1989: My neighbor Michelle introduces me to northwest alternitive/punk rock and east coast no wave/punk rock. Her boyfriend at the time,Thomas, had a enormous vinyl collection. I was instantly hooked. I started a band with my friends and we played a few house parties and bars.

By the late 90's and early double 0's alternitive was being played in department stores. At the same time, something unique was happening in England that caught my ear. "The Bristol sound" had arived. It had a big impact on me and inspired me to begin working on the Still Coffin project.

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