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User profile: Kirawe


Hi everyone, I'm Kirawe, a female singer-songwriter from Germany and I'll be coming over

for a short trip to lovable Florida where I'd like

taking part in the Open Mic on Monday 11-10-2008

at Java D'Lites in Coral Springs and on Tuesday 11-11.2008 at the Kevro Art Bar, Delray Beach. I hope they can

provide a microphone, PA and a piano so I look

forward to performing 3 of my highly emotional

songs and ballads (absolutely catchy tune). I have

a very special surprise for you all: I created a

wonderful song dedicated to Florida. My lyrics are

some kind of declaration of love and hopefully

might impress you! I think all people living in

Florida should be proud of their state. Germans are jealous because the song is not for them. Germany is so terribly cold, I just have to get away...

Unfortunately my percussion partner will have to

stay in Germany. But I just want to sing for you,

to make you happy, meet you and many other interesting people for great new connections and new friends...

See you soon. Kind regards from Germany