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User profile: Josh


Josh Lee is based out of North Andover, Massachusetts. Each member is dedicated to creating music that is written with passion for every note played. Josh Lee began playing together with Blake Levine in late 2007 and began writing songs. After 2 years they couldn't seem to make all the pieces fit and took a break. Also within those 2 years Josh grew immensely as a musician and truly began finding his skills as a musician.

Josh kept looking relentlessly, after many more failures only fueling him further and honing his skills did he find Chris Isaac. After a couple weeks of being a duo, Josh called upon Blake and expressed the opportunity that was before them and the trio was formed. After almost a year of writing, recording, and performing things just seemed to be stagnant again, so Josh decided it was time for a change and moved to Massachusetts.

Now with a new start in place, Josh is looking for hard working, dedicated musicians who share his dream and goal to become a successful group and make this crazy dream a reality.