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User profile: JonV



My name is Jon V. I am a gentrification surviving resident of the West Village, founding member of post-punk band Strange Walls & member of the experimental/Ambiant band Post Abortion Stress.

Beside that, every Sunday from 3-6:30pm I host the "Vomit Cabaret" which is a nick name for the Back Fence's half century old Sunday open mic.

There are absolutely no rules! That said, since Back Fence has classic rock covers nearly every night, I like to encourage experimental music(you don't need a synth' for that), outsider art, punk poetry (Rather; Outsider, experimental punk, ANYTHING.) Anything WIERD is encouraged, nothing will be discouraged, all welcome. Please sign up early if possible & join me in a $3 bud served by CBGB vet' bartender Katherine. Try new ideas in front of a supportive Sunday afternoon crowd. No bouncers, no velvet ropes no cover!