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US and Canadian Open Mikes - by musicians, for musicians

User profile: johnny primo


guitar player singer songwriter. Former member of a national act signed to zoo records back in the 90's.(Turi) played everywhere from cbgb's in the city to vegas and in between on mini tours with extreme,ace frehley,cinderella,geargia satellites,hootie etc .Been on the radio with stern and toked up with sebastion in the jersey! i enjoy music to almost a fault and i now do one man band set-up w some originals mixed in. I'm a guitar freak i play alot and im always researching tone. Vocally i fall between prince and perry farrell,with a little otis reddingmixed in. and i like everything from van halen all the way to kool and the gang. My roots are in rock and they run deep. Iluv music i'm not an elitist but i respect those that do as opposed to those that talk alot! I'm a single young looking over the 30's mid hump. I just want to play and sing and not take it too seriously where you have to think too much. anything you have to think too much about is contrived!