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User profile: John Quincy Triplett


I am a genuine archived American folk singer from West Virginia. I am a professional song writer, but I have never tried to perform-thought I would give it a shot before I give up the Ghost here at 45 yrs of age. I would like to perform original songs which I have been told by archivist have a french zyteco inflence along with what has been called appalachian blues- the song of constant sorry from movie "brother where art thou" is probably one from that tradition that you would reconize. I am what the national archivist call an anscestoral american-my people have all been here for more than 200 yrs-my people are English, scott, french-senaca indian, and also descendant from escaped slaves-google Wally Triplett-my cousin and the first black man to ever start in a college football game for penn state-google that one. My greatx5 grandfather William moved to west virginia to pass for white back in 1735-true story.It's funny that the scientist are finding what they could have just asked us about-most poor white people in the south and appalachians are part black-I think they call that one irony maybe. My name is John Quincy-but my friends call me Quincy-you can call me Quincy.