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US and Canadian Open Mikes - by musicians, for musicians

User profile: Jedidiah Horca


"Who you are is God's gift to you, who you become is your gift to God."

Hi! I'm Jedi. If you haven't met me yet, it's nice to meet you. :D

I'm 17, fresh out of High School, living alone, broke, going to college, and working proudly at Hollister Co. It's been about 2 and 1/2 years since I first picked up the guitar and attempted to sing "True" by Ryan Cabrera. Haha, you do not want to hear how I sounded back then! Anyways, I've been singing ever since and I've actually had a couple of performances around the bay area and in the country. I've performed for dozens of events hosted by churches and christian organizations, so if you need someone to entertain for a while, just let me know.