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User profile: JE


Raised on the gritty Eastside of Kalamazoo Michigan, James was always immersed in soul music. Inspired by his parents love for this music and his own curiosity, he began writing his own lyrics at age 13. From there he went on to form his first group culminating in his first self-financed project.

After 10 years of dedication to his craft, he has been able to travel extensively with a live hip-hop band (Urbanights), and regionally with a standard DJ and two turntables set (Prisona's).

James has had airplay on WGCI in Chicago; being featured on their homejams show for the song called "Life".

Michigan College radio has also spun his material for years now.

To his credit, he has four LPs, and two Maxi-singles he has worked on or been an integrally involved in.

After countless shows and ciphers, James Eternal has emerged with a complete product will the ability to be marketed universally.

The Midwest gets limited love from the hip-hop buying community and universally, but "JE" does not just create "Midwest" music.

His hip-hop has a universal feel and "vibe", realizing that versatility equals longevity in this game.

His catalog of must-hear music is featured on three websites.


Working independently has forced JE to become hungrier when it comes to his approach to the music, but more so the business aspects of the industry.

He feels this has prepared him to take his next big step in attaining universal recognition in the realm of entertainment.

Timing and opportunity equals success, and through perseverance, this brother has made himself available for his rightful place in popular music today.

In an effort to take advantage of the International marketplace for hip-hop, his label Vibe Institute has its sights set on attaining distribution abroad.

With a music website in place, along with a strong buzz, Jay has recently completed work on another studio album entitled "Space and Opportunity", a very polished and versatile effort.

The launch campaign is taking place right now, with a release party and shows already in place.

The love of the music is in the words, and the creativity reflects how serious James takes this business.

The hustle continues and expands all the while picking up steam and what used to look like a fantasy will become an attainable dream.