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User profile: Jay


Guitarist/Bassist looking for part-time band playing classic rock and originals. I am older, not looking to go on tour. I have played in bands for over 25 years and I am just looking to find/form a group to jam with, play some good music, and write some good songs and to play out occasionally. Doing covers would be great as well as doing acoustic material and original material. I have decent vocal abilities and good equipment. Not concerned about money but I do take the music seriously. I don't have an ego problem and am comfortable in one or two guitar bands. I understand that you don't need to be the loudest to be the best. It's the whole band that makes the music.

I really enjoy the guitar driven songs of classic rock. I often wonder where the guitar heroes have all gone. I know some will say that what I am looking for is going to be impossible to find because I need to forget the past and get with the times. But I don