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Aspiring Music Legend JAXX SESSIONS was born into music since childhood. LEGENDARY artists like Jim Morrison, John Lennon & Jimi Hendrix had quite an impact on Jaxx when it came to writing TIMELESS songs. At just 5 years old, little Jaxx had a natural ear for music, being able to mimic melody. Mystified by old vinyl records in his dads garage, he would listen to folk songs from the 60's including his favorites like Elvis Presley and The Beatles. Thru the years, Jaxx was introduced to many musical instruments including the piano, mellotron, & strings, but he felt most comfortable with the guitar and his voice. At the age of 14 he began his quest as a singer/songwriter. He performed acoustically at local coffee shops throughout Orange County and also performed in many bands. Throughout his teen years Jaxx learned how to play music dynamically with other players. He enjoyed the unity of band life, but always felt limited when it came to playing just one style of music so he committed himself to the songwriter life.

When asked what his music prefrence was. Jaxx replied,

"I'm just an advocate of many styles of music. I've written songs for so many projects in different genres that I LOVE all things music. I'm always listening and exploring different avenues of music to enhance my own ability as a songwriter."

Jaxx Sessions, now considered an ASPIRING MUSIC LEGEND, writes unique songs that blend his inspirations from a young boy to the talented songwriter he is today. Jaxx Sessions writes catchy,melodic songs that are outside the boundaries of the music industry corporate standard. Equipped with analog tape recorders, acoustic guitars and other vintage instruments, Jaxx Sessions is currently in the studio working on a new single. With his Sagittarian optimism view on life, Jaxx Sessions is blessed to be living his dream.