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US and Canadian Open Mikes - by musicians, for musicians

User profile: Jason D. Napgezek


I'm an aspiring musician with a lickin for solos and sweet drum beats. I guess I'm a one man act for now because I do the guitar and drum beats on my own. If I had a name for my act it'd be called "Scratchin Melodies." I'd like to find other musicians to jam with but for now this is what I do and I'm liking it alot. Someday I'd be honored to hit virtuoso status but jammin is the game for me and it's been fun so far! I do play in a band outta Stevens Point but that is new and we don't even have a name yet. The cool thing is that these guys are like 15-20 years older, very experienced, and they hired me of all people. Well, after a half hour jam session on Jimmy's guitar, making the music as I went, I left them in awe and instantly I was hired. I play electric guitar whether it's distorted or not it's really coming out beautifully. Come and check out the jam if you're interested, I'd love to expose you to some of this magic as I would call it for it's starting to scare me and I'm still unsure of what "exactly" I should be doing with it. I guess most of all it would be neat to find someone to pitch some vocals to it. Hopefully that can be achieved some day.