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Hound is not just another job board, but a job search engine which tracks down jobs listed on employer websites from all over the world. Established in 1995 as Hound One, since 2005 it has been a part of Employment Research Institute - a research company specializing in job aggregator websites and career services.

Hound's main focus is in locating and classifying jobs from employer websites. Job seekers can see openings that they would not be able to see normally on the other job boards. This is the core principle on which Hound operates, because we believe that not every employer can or wants to advertise on job boards where they have to pay hundreds of dollars for every job posting. With Hound, they can list as many job openings as they want - absolutely free.

This model has worked very well for our members- the job seekers; who pay a monthly fee to access our search results. We have over one million job openings listed in our database. On average, 75,000 new job openings are found every week.

The main advantage that our members have is that when they apply to the jobs that we find, they have less competition. Several small businesses, educational institutions and non-profits cannot afford to place ads repeatedly in newspapers and online job boards. Their job openings are often listed only on their website.

We also have job openings listed from all the Fortune 500 companies. No matter what field you are in or what your skills and qualifications are, at Hound you will find all types of jobs. Our members can also contact employers listed on our site directly.

We are able to accomplish this because our team of researchers working alongside our programmers and data analysts keeps fine-tuning our system to ensure that every employer with a career page is listed on our site. Our site is constantly updated with the use of our custom-built software that keeps track of 30,000 employer websites everyday.

We are so confident in our belief that Hound is the best job search tool for you that we offer a 3 day risk free trial offer to everybody. During this trial offer, you can do as many job searches and applications as you want to and if at the end you want to cancel, you can do so no questions asked.