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User profile: Fred Levick


Attended two different comedy schools and then some open mikes at Uncle Funnies in distant past and then had some local paid gigs, as emcee and performer, and worked in dinner theatre and organized an improv troupe. Last gig was nearly two years ago for city of N. Miami Beach. Little or no fresh material, but can re-cycle older stuff. Just retired from 32 years of gov't service and like Rodney did upon retirement from alum. siding business with Joe Ancis now free to explore the possibilities. Also have written much poetry, some humorous which I'm compiling for possible publication. Just been invited to new venue called Club84 which was formerly Chocolate Moose in Davie. But you're in the neighborhood and just a few blocks away. How many minutes you want? I don't "work" dirty, though I do include a four letter word or two in my act. Is that alright? Thanks.