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User profile: Franklin Ruiz


Franklin Ruiz a.k.a. Young Grav or (Grav) is an 18 year old artist coming from New York City. His passion for music developed as he attended middle school. During lunch time Grav and his peers would sit at a table and beatbox and kick rhymes; trying to improvise some dope lyrics. Those middle school days would mark the start what would hope to be his career. His major influences are Big L, Eminem, Nas, Biggie, and Lupe Fiasco.

During his Junior year in high school, Grav reconnected with one of his peers, Bernard Collins a.k.a. KayBeeCee to live out his dream. They both invested on a home studio and started recording music in his apartment. Throughtout the summer of 2010 Grav and KayBeeCee stayed in the lab producing tracks like "My Sonnets", and "Just Drift" which lead to Grav's mixtape, "The Come Up".

Now in his senior year of high school, Grav is doing some collaborations with up and coming artist in the tri-state area but mainly focusing on his second project.

Stay tune for more from Grav and most importantly "SPREAD THE WORD!!"

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