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US and Canadian Open Mikes - by musicians, for musicians

User profile: Ethan Eldred


Musically, my life is simple. I sang in church choir when I was really little. Hated it. I started playing cello in 4th grade. Hated it. I had a traumatic solo line in 6th grade school chorus. Hated it. I don't know what happened, but now music is what I do. I love it. How stupid is that? Music is like that. It skips over what makes sense and reaches straight for the soul.

That's what I call my genre: Acoustic Soul. Others might call it singer/songwriter. I'm influenced by people like Jack Johnson, The Weepies, Ray LaMontagne, and of course by the classical music I come into so much contact with through my cello. With all that... I've always had trouble describing my music. So that's what I'll go with: Acoustic Soul.

I grew up in the bustling megapolis of Hollidaysburg, PA, and now reside in the minopolis of Grantham, a village that loses more than half of its population every summer when Messiah College is out of session.

All the same, I would love to talk to you sometime. About faith. Or about music. Or about walking tacos, turtles, and hippopotami. Anything you want. I'm interested in you. And turtles. Turtles are cool.