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User profile: Ebri Yahloe


Ebri Yahloe is an emerging musician/songwriter from The Cracks Of Columbus, Ohio who has been twice nominated for the Ohio Hip-Hop Awards, Once For Best Live Performance And Once more For Best Female Artist, winning Best Female Artist; Miss Yahloe has a style and stage presence unmatched by mortals, which explains her claim of being God. Though before the holier-than-thou blow their whistle of blasphemer, she shows her humble nature. By her own account, she knows that she, “is nothing as well as everything at once.” at age two Ebri had a serious desire and love for music, reciting James Brown’s The Big Payback word for word as she bounced past adults in her mother’s home who were struck in awe by her ability and taste in music. Later on at age 13, Ebri formed a rap group known as Pure Gold with her lifelong friend and collaborator Beewoness. Pure Gold performed for a sold out audience in downtown Columbus at the S.A.V.E Awards (Strategies Against Violence Everywhere), with over two thousand people making it out to the Southern Theatre to watch them bless the stage. When they stepped out from behind the curtain, Ebri’s young life was forever altered, Winning the Award For Most Postive lyrics Was icing on the cake “That’s the night I fell in love and knew I’d do this forever.”