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User profile: Donnie


I love the feeling of "electricity" in the air when I'm making a large group laugh. As a part of my 22 year business, selling novelties at air shows, festivals, car , truck , tractor, shows.. To name a very few.. I have increased sales with my off the humor about my life, my child hood, my wife then about my 50 year old Ex wife and her 72 year old lover now I gave them both indian names. I call him Chickenlegs and named her Shebitches a lot. Of course I cried for the first week that I was loosing my wife of 32 yrs then I began to look out side the box realizing she had a new keeper, tending that box of snakes that live deep within her brain - twisting her views of life and living. Well I have many self writen jokes about her alone. I began reaching out writing on date sites. It didn't take long before I was encouraged to do "Stand up Comedy". It took the divorce to realize that's what I've done for years, often starting a conversation with just one person then next thing I'd know 12 to 15 would be standing around laughing with me as I spoke of my childhood being a cross between Malcom in the middle and The Adam's Family. I have been equaited with "Larry the Cable Guy" for my real life related humor and Billy Maize ( for my abiliyty to talk with fast speach - catchy Rhyms I write and memorize) who could talk folk's into buying anything for 19.95 plus shipping at 2 in the morning. I practice when ever in the public - love to make people laugh. Recently moved to Warren Pa. Near Jamestown ny and would like to find a stage to start at.