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User profile: Donni-Jay De-Ville


I came from London, UK a few years ago now, and married a Chicagoan, Rocky, who is now a drummer. In the UK I was a professional solo dancer for almost 10 years. My manager was also managing XTC (a UK top band at the time, signed with Virgin).

I met the top Rockabilly Band 'Matchbox'(picture of us all in my profile in my group; Lisle Live Music Meetup)

I went on to be a lead singer and basic rhythm guitarist, with many genres of music. Mostly 'middle of the road' (MOR), country and blues based.

I wrote many songs and will again when I get the time. Other bands performed some of my songs and my performances with 'Golden Oldies' repertoire, was enjoyed by club members to the military bases.

In between music, I wrote articles and published in popular magazines. I am a published novelist, and trying to finish another book. I still write articles but continue to sing and play, for fun and occasionally (sometimes with Rocky) for friends and animal charities events.

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