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User profile: DCF Records/DCF Productions LLC/King Bishop's Entertainment LLC


ALVADERCHY hails out of Bronx NY and moved to CT for a change of scenery. His fire lyrics and genuine talent brings the rap game to a whole other level of creativity. If BIG and PAC had a spawn DERCH would be it.

Alvaderchy a.k.a. Derch, 25, is originally from Da Boogie Down. He has been writing and performing since he was nine years old. He has performed in numerous groups such as VBT from 170 Bristow with local kids from around the block. With his move to Connecticut Derch decided that if hip hop stopped tomorrow he will still be writing so he better get on his grind; he joined up with Mad Dog a.k.a. MD, and King Bishop a.k.a. B.I. and formed Rich Porters. After the trials and tribulations King Bishop went on to form a company that would later pick up Alvaderchy as their first signed artist. Alvaderchy accredits his creativity and lyrical genius to life, Mamommy, the 48 Laws of Power, and the hip-hop culture.