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Hi. I'm Christina Autumn Taylor, but my friends call me Christy. I'm a singer-songwriter based in the North Shore currently, but I frequently travel for my independent/underground music career. So basically, I'm all over Massachusetts, the New England area, NY, Maryland, Pennsylvania, California, Seattle, the Midwest, etc.

Currently, I'm recording my new album, but also seeking musicians to join the permanent and official band lineup of my solo project. For a long time, I've hired musicians or go it alone or duet with someone under my solo project persona, Christina Taylor. Now, my solo project will be a full band lineup of 6 people (I'm one of the 6), and will have a band name associated with my singer-songwriter persona soon.

As it were, I'm also booking venues for an possible statewide, regional or nationwide open mic tour to get more fans on my Facebook band page, my ReverbNation page, my fan mailing list and yes, my band Tumblr blog. I'm also creating a website through ReverbNation very soon, upgrade my membership plan, building my own studio while looking for studios to record at and so forth.

I'd need a list of open mic venues, with detailed information, website links and contact information, if any, all emailed to this particular email address.

And if you know of any affordable recording studios in Massachusetts, keep me posted. I'm still rebuilding my studio here in Massachusetts, after having lost my original studio in Central Texas a few years ago in that nasty wildfire.

It's been a long 15 years since starting out in a garage, and I've paid my dues since then. I'm joining Berklee School of Music very soon, so I look forward to that.

Also, I'd like to contact said venues to see if they'll let me book special open mic events auditions style to seek the remaining five spots yet to be filled.

Namaste and Blessed Be,

Christy Taylor.


*(Ad From Original Post For Seeking Musicians):*


As of right now, I'm currently seeking five talented musicians who are either BDSM/LGBTIQQA oriented or friendly to our community or both. This is a description of what my solo project is all about at the provided link:

[Christina Taylor On ReverbNation][]

The aforementioned musicians I'm seeking are as followed:

A lead guitarist

A rhythm/backing guitarist with potential abilities in background vocals

A bassist/background vocalist

A drummer/percussionist

A technical/electronics artist who specializes in turntables, synthesizer, keyboards, samplings, pads, SFX, etc. and able to provide background vocals but not necessary.

Age limit is 18-40 (but not necessarily an actual limit. My fan heat graph on ReverbNation says I got fans from ages 18-60. Bizarre eh? There's 50-60 ish year old folks listening to my Metal/Rock music. Lol)

All genders/sexual orientations are welcome to audition for this lineup.

The genres we play are:

Hard Rock, Acoustic Rock, Alternative, Nu-Metal, Hardcore, Post Hardcore, Metal, Death Metal, Queercore, Punk Rock, Rap/Rock, Melodic Metalcore, RiotGrrl Rock, Anarchist Rap-Rock, Electronica-Rock, Heavy Metal, Gothic Rock/Metal, Symphonic Metal, Romantic New Wave, Grunge, Post Grunge, GrungeGoth, Alternative Singer-songwriter, Electro-Industrial, Industrial Metal, Thrash Metal and Fetish Metal. It's a crossover band, mixing all the genres and its subgenres, doing things no one has ever done in music history.

We're breaking all the rules, violate the world with brutal honesty and ending corruption and unify a broken society/community, and of course, having fun while shutting down drama and deception in our community. All the lyrics are written by me and will be sung by me, and I do play a few instruments myself. So if you're interested, do feel free to reply.

How to submit letter of inquiry:

You can submit an online demo kit of your best musical abilities (covers/originals) with a online email style letter, with your age, demographic background (such as gender/sexual orientation, height, DOB, etc.) on it and also explaining your interests, influences, your style(s), your musical background/history/training/education, etc. (If any) with your contact information, a photo of yourself, best time of day to reach you and a mailing address for us to mail you a letter of acceptance or rejection, depending on who we choose, along with a package of content that'll help you grasp the concept of what we'll be doing together, especially when we have a new album to work on.

My management team and I will review all applications and reply in an timely manner. If you do receive a letter of acceptance, that means you'll be given instructions in said letter of where the callback auditions will be held, when and what to prepare for.

Those who receive a rejection letter will get a care package from yours truly of freebies, some really good goodies, and an opportunity to audition at callbacks, should the others who appeared and failed or haven't appeared or any conflicts arise, you'll be automatically selected among a new lineup of what we call backup callbacks musicians until the five has been selected officially.

Below is the following contact information and description of what to send.

Contact info:

Send in the aforementioned contents but all demos of original songs or cover songs must be submitted in Mp3 format, no exception.

If not able to submit an electronic version of this application, at least mail a typed out letter documented as aforementioned with a CD (can be burned with your musical abilities onto it, can be fancy, can have artwork on it, etc.) in a jewel style CD case, along with a photo of yourself, so we know who we're talking to come callbacks time (MUST BE APPROPRIATE and non explicit photo of yourself) to the following address:

Christina Autumn Taylor

ATTN: Musician Auditions

35 Congress Street Suite 204

C/O Matthew Castiglione

Salem, Massachusetts 01970 (my mailing address since I can't provide my physical address for confidentiality reasons)

That'll be all.


Christina Autumn Taylor