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US and Canadian Open Mikes - by musicians, for musicians

User profile: Creative Divine Woman


This is for every woman with a artistic and spiritual pulse in her heart, for every woman who wants her VOICE TO BE HEARD. This is for every woman who feels that her mind needs to be put into a song, poem, painting, picture, novel,dance or any form of art or who simply appreciates art, nature, life, and eternal peace.This is for the women who are aware; for women who appreciate the earth. This is for the women who need cosmic releases of artistic freedom, who feel the need to escape and plunge into their own reality. This is for us to meet, connect, network, and support one another as passionate, creative, spiritual, intelligent women. Join in on this feminine journey full of artistry, beautiful conversations, and be a part of a event that will produce exponential things. This is at it's beginning stages and needs women like you to help it expand. Spread the word and stay posted on monthly meetings