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User profile: Bree Riess


I'm a college student at Western Michigan University of Kalamazoo Michigan where I am majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Latin. Although it would be awesome to finish my degree and pursue a career in Archaeology, my true passion is writing and performing my music. My plan right now is to try as hard as possible to make a career in music until I acheive my Ph.D in eight years. If I don't suceed than I guess I have to get a real job which mean I better suceed. I don't currently have an album because I can't afford it but I am saving up and should have one by the end of this academic year. As far as my musical style goes I really am not sure. People have told me my voice reminds them of the lead singer from evanessence but I play an acoustic guitar so I can't really say that I am similar to them.