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User profile: Breck Durham


Story goes I saw Elvis on TV at two years old and haven't been right since. Outlaw and Honky Tonk country came out of the 8 track as a kid and my 3 older sisters kept a steady stream of 'classic' rock coming my way. Another big crossroads came at 14 when I first saw X and The Red Hot Chili Peppers on TV (gotta love cable) and had my horizons expanded even more.

Got my first guitar at 11, played badly and intermittently in garage, storage shed and basement bands until I was 17, when I cut some tendons in my left hand (long, stupid story) and gave up playing until I was about 25. Never really stopped writing and picked the guitar back up (thanks, Bradshaw) summer of '95. Spent the last 15 years getting back into playing, cutting my teeth at open mics around the Phoenix, Tempe, Chandler area. Kept writing, playing and jamming where and when I could and now I've gone and self released this little collection of songs about some of the characters and craziness I've come across in these travels.

I'm from "somewhere else", try to walk the tightrope of having a "poet's heart and a cynic's mind" , and hope you enjoy my twisted little tunes.