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US and Canadian Open Mikes - by musicians, for musicians

User profile: Bang Bang Billy Jones


Well, after losing 2 friends to pill use, I started writing Alice and Wonderland Songs to express this modern tragedy, which has altered our community. I live in a relatively poor community with pill users and I cannot describe to you how dangerous these people are, they are different from the typical drug user.

Up to this point I have run into a brick wall. Kickstarter rejected my application stating, "this project does not meet our guidelines". All local Theater Companies wont return any messages, so I made my own the "Hollywood Florida Theatrical Troupe" and paid for a group, which was deemed inappropriate and deleted within 3 days without warning. Every door I get to, seems to shut really fast in front of me. It is as though a communist curtain has risen up with all the capitalist flag waving fanfare. is a universal story, with a universal theme in our South Florida community and far beyond. People relate to the topic and know someone who as fallen from the same unaddressed pharmaceutical issue.

The work was written under personal distress, with real emotions and holds a positive expression. When Lewis Carroll used his creatures to trick and poison a young girl to lose her sense of reality preparing her for some inevitable sexual assault, I implemented them to warn Alice of the side effects of pill abuse.

So, I need 14 performers, artists, stage people, venues, even a director to collaborate with to be able to put on a show.

Until I get there, I am just doing these open mic nights, and looking for singers and musicians to perform with. Interested let me know.