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User profile: AKoldPiece


Father, Writer, Poet, Spokenword Artist & Host

This gentle giant has a special gift for creating haiku and short stories accented with his wit and humble personality. AKoldPiece has traveled as far as the motherland "Afraka" to share his artistry.

Inspired by the legacy of his father and the future for his sun, AKP, which he is called by many, continues to embrace the unknown, where he finds solace in knowing that the unknown and uncomfortable is where true growth resides.

Growing up, AKP stuttered tremendously and was uncomfortable communicating because of it. This caught the attention of his father who told him "to write down what he wanted to say" because when he was reading, his father noticed he did not stutter. In that moment, AKP became a writer.

AKP began studying the dictionary and reading every book he can get his hands on. Yet, it wasn

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