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US and Canadian Open Mikes - by musicians, for musicians

Open Mics in South Hadley, MA

Gentle Jack Unplugged consists of three members of the Gentle Jack Band. Dave, Ken and Gary, not being satisfied with just playing Classic Rock in the band, shut off their amps and picked up their acoustic instruments. This opened the way to Americana, Traditional Folk, Country, Contemporary Pop, Ethnic and 60’s Rock and Roll. If there was one thing they liked more than playing this music, it was sharing and playing it with others.

With over 100 (yes, 100) years of combined performing time, they have played almost ever type of music out there. And if you need someone to accompany you on the fly, at least one of them probably knows what you want done. No problems with sound as a full PA and microphones are always there. There are even Direct Out boxes for your guitar or bass.

Things are never boring when Gentleman Jack Unplugged performs and everybody gets a chance to showcase their

talent and we look forward to playing some music with the very talented local musicians.



Host: Michael Silverstone

An open mic that includes extended featured performers invited to play for 30 minutes or more who emerged from the open mic.

Our participants include experienced artists as well as first-timers and emerging performers. Our purpose is to make a place where performers and writers can be guaranteed a place to be heard and supported as they develop over time. The community of listeners is always welcoming of new people, and well supported by long time regulars.

A performance slot is 10 minutes (or two songs). The performance order is determined at random by pulling names from a fishbowl. Audience members are encouraged to stay for the entire event and to be attentive and support the room as a performance space.

There is a house sound system with 3 microphones and additional capacity to plug guitars with pick-ups directly into the system.


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