For a couple of reasons, all non-virtual open mikes listed on this site are essentially “suspended”. That is, they’re still listed, but with no scheduled dates.

Hopefully those reasons are obvious, but to be clear:

  1. Given the shelter-in-place restrictions in much of the country, the vast majority of these events really aren’t taking place.
  2. Most people have more pressing concerns right now than “tell that open mikes site that my event is suspended”.
  3. I don’t want to encourage people to head out when and where they shouldn’t, especially to an event that isn’t even happening.

Meanwhile, I’m adding support for virtual / on-line open mikes. It’s a work in progress, but if you do want to submit one, please do. Make sure you include a web address for participants (either an actual Zoom/etc. meeting link, or a page explaining how to connect and perform).