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Want to try something new?

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There's a new feature in the works -- a new (hopefully better, certainly more fun) way to search for open mikes near you.

Just enter your location -- could be just a city, could be a full address -- and get a Google map of the area, with upcoming open mikes highlighted. You can zoom in and out, drag the map around to look at other areas, and pick what upcoming days you want to see. The map will update automatically.

Want to see just open mikes really close to you tomorrow night? Easy. Everything in the next seven days in a wider area? Also easy. Click on any of the markers, or the club names down the right-hand side, to show a bit more detail about each night. Click on the details to take you to the full listing for that open mike.

Feedback is very welcome on this; as is your understanding that this is brand-new, not-yet-thoroughly test code.

Go here to try out the new search. And head over here to let me know what you think.

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