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Addresses, please

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A quick note / plea to submitters -- it really, really helps if you leave a correct email address when submitting. I frequently (read: several times a week) need to ask a follow-up question or two before adding your submission. If I can't get hold of you, and there's not enough info to go on, your night never gets posted.

For example, if the person who submitted Sarah's Cafe in Lancaster, PA happens to see this, drop me a line -- I need to know some specifics about the schedule there.

Which brings up another helpful point -- if the only schedule information you have is "call for dates" or "check the web site", I can't add you to our listings. No dates means you never show up on the calendar, so there's not much point in adding the night (about 90% of our visits are to the calendar).

Got around to blogging the steps I took to get decent map links from the listings here. See the results at Better Yahoo Maps in PHP

The old days

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When I talk about starting this site partially out of memories of great open mike nights from the past, I'm mostly thinking of John Soler's open mike, long ago, at the Cactus Cantina on South Beach. Just found an archive of an old New Times article about that very thing...

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