OK, this one really has nothing to do with Open Mikes, or openmikes.org, or me, or the musicians who make up most of the site's readership. It's for that other percentage, the club/bar/coffeehouse owner/manager/employee.

I have a very simple request. This is me speaking as a visitor to your site, and potentially to your club:

Include your full street address on your home page. Preferably everywhere, and at least somewhere.

I know, how obvious could this be, right? You'd think. But time and again, as I search for correct street address and contact information for a new listing, I get all excited that the venue in question actually has a site. And not quite half the time, it takes a pretty thorough search to find an address. And about one quarter of the time, I find none.

Now, I applaud the listing of menus, drink specials, entertainment calendars. But if any of those interest me, I might actually want to come down there. "In the heart of Old Town" or "across the street from Gilby's BBQ" won't help if I didn't grow up there.

That's it. That's my request. I thank you, and your new customers - who can now find you - thank you too.