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(More) Power to the People

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Just rolled out some new editing capabilities for owners of open mike listings. If you've submitted one of the listings on the site, and you've registered an account, this means you.

Previously, you could edit the day of the week, the host's name, start time, and whether or not a night was still active. All that is still there, but now you can change a listing from "every week" to "1st and 3rd Sunday of the month", "every two weeks starting...", etc. In the past, this required my intervention.

Please let me know if you have any trouble with this feature, and of course tell me if there's anything else you'd like to see added.

Editing Listings

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To edit an open mike listing you've submitted, you first need to register and login.

The login screen

You may not have registered when you submitted the open mike — that's fine, you didn't need to. If you haven't done so before, register now — then contact us to let us know you're the owner of this listing. We'll make sure you can edit it.

Once you're logged in, look at the bottom of your profile page. You'll see a list of any nights you've submitted to

list of submitted nights

In this case, we'll click Edit next to "Fred's House of Squid".

We see some editable information, and a preview of the listing as it is now.

editing a listing

We're changing the host from Fred to Ethel, and noting that she has a web site. We click Preview to see our changes:

previewing changes

Satisfied, we click Save. Reassuringly, we see this:

your listing has been saved

If we now visit the actual listing, we can see our changes have gone live:

listing with changes in place

Contacting the Club or the Host

At the bottom of each listing, there's a "comment" box. It's a place where you can send comments about that listing, corrections to the listing, or questions about it. These comments will be listed, along with comments by other users, on the page along with the schedule, address, etc.

Love a particular open mike? Let people know. Hate it? Let them know that, too. Canceled? Please let us know.

All comments are reviewed by me (Paul), and corrections/updates/cancellations will be taken care of. The rest are actually posted to be read, and perhaps answered, by other users.

These comments do not go to the host of a particular Open Mike. Nor do they go directly to the club, or anyone else who has posted to the site. They will not let you sign up for that time slot you want on Friday night. Please, if you need to contact the club, contact the club. The phone number is almost always right there. Often we link to their web site, as well. .


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Q: After I've registered as a user, how can I update my old comments and submissions to point to my new profile?

A: Just send me an email, asking me to update the listings (make sure you include your name). It's no problem, although it may be a few days before it's attended to.

I'll Be There

This new feature allows you to note when you plan to attend an open mike. Note that this is not a sign-up sheet — we don't run the open mikes, we can't say who gets to play and who doesn't. It's a way to let friends and other s know you'll be there.

To sign up for a night, click the "I'll Be There" link next to the date you plan to attend. You'll have the opportunity to confirm this choice.

Once you've confirmed, you'll be listed in the "... will be there" notes for the date you've chosen.

To remove yourself from the list for a night, just click Delete under that night in your Profile.



Viewing a user's profile:

Editing your own profile:

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