Annoying Open Mike behaviors


Instar Music News: The Best and The Worst of Open Mics

I've shared so many of these annoyances... or perhaps caused them.


Thanks for the link,Paul -

I've got a few more Open Mic horrors to be posted soon (the Dreaded Random Signup, for example).

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- Karl
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Not to defend those who get on stage unprepared, but...

Many of those people just don't know better. Try adding a clear and polite comment at the top of the signup sheet stating that instruments MUST be tuned/assembled or whatever else is needed PRIOR to stepping on stage. Or maybe announce it a couple times??? How about a cool lookin' poster with the house or host's helpful comments on the subject? Instead of just bitchin', do something to improve the situation. Doesn't have to be the things I suggested, but do SOMETHING. Sure, some will people never learn, and some are just plain rude or seeking attention, but most people, especially beginners will respond well if constructivly mentored.

Anyone who doesn't know they need to be in tune with assembled gear before stepping on stage has absolutely no place at an open mic. There is nothing a cool-lookin' poster can tell an amateur that they wouldn't learn by coming to WATCH before coming to PLAY. And having the host announce to people the basics of playing music in front of a live audience lends a real preschool vibe to the show. Unless your open mic is taking place at a preschool, that doesn't really fit. The hosts are there to keep the momentum going, not to give a live tutorial.

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