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Contacting the Club or the Host

At the bottom of each listing, there's a "comment" box. It's a place where you can send comments about that listing, corrections to the listing, or questions about it. These comments will be listed, along with comments by other users, on the page along with the schedule, address, etc.

Love a particular open mike? Let people know. Hate it? Let them know that, too. Canceled? Please let us know.

All comments are reviewed by me (Paul), and corrections/updates/cancellations will be taken care of. The rest are actually posted to be read, and perhaps answered, by other users.

These comments do not go to the host of a particular Open Mike. Nor do they go directly to the club, or anyone else who has posted to the site. They will not let you sign up for that time slot you want on Friday night. Please, if you need to contact the club, contact the club. The phone number is almost always right there. Often we link to their web site, as well. .

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